history-today – Institute of Historical Research in Cologne


history-today – Institute for Historical Research has been offering professional support with historical documents since 2006, including for cities, church parishes, institutions, companies, foundations and private persons. The focus is on securing and archiving historical documents. It goes without saying that we will treat your data confidentially and sensitively!

You have a collection of old papers and do not know how you can protect them in the long term? Which documents absolutely have to be retained? How do you deal with a family member's estate? Or perhaps you need assistance researching your ancestors? Or you would like to archive or digitalise valuable documents and papers?


We offer you the following services all around the subject of "history":



You would like to store a variety of files, documents, books, films and photos for your company or local parish and require professional help? We index your collection and in doing so make your collected papers usable for the long term. Furthermore, we compile a chronicle for your company, parish, city or foundation. Find out more...




Some of your old company documents are no longer legible due to the old handwriting or unfamiliar abbreviations? The content is hidden by the "German cursive" and the obsolescent terms and phrases?  We transcribe your original documents and convert the texts into line-for-line clean copies. Find out more...