Your company would like to use old photos or documents for advertising purposes? You would like to upload individual images, papers or photos to the internet and make them available to a wider audience? Your old films and audio tapes fill a number of boxes but you can no longer watch or hear them because the old playback devices are defective? Film material, posters and other archive materials are needed in digital form as a decoration, gift or for a family celebration?

Advantages of digitalisation:

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  • Use of originals without damage
  • Various presentation options
  • Simplified retrieval / user friendliness
  • Full text search in longer documents
  • Processing without damage or change to the original
  • Unrestricted reproduction and provision in various formats


Digitalisation for church parishes and local authorities

Digitalised archive materials are particularly valuable for church parishes and town councils when they are putting together info brochures, chronicles, flyers and displays. These sources are especially good when used for jubilees and celebrations to offer a look back at a town's past and dynamic history.

We digitalise all known and rare formats and also offer you solutions for unusual originals. Upon request we would also be happy to advise you on selecting the right material.



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Digitalisation for private customers

Private photos and documents are steeped in personal memories and have a high sentimental value. We help you to keep hold of these memories for the long term. Digitalising your documents and photos allows you to make backup copies and protect important documents from decay. Furthermore, you can share your photos and other mementos in digitalised form with your relatives and friends.







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Digitalisation for companies

Digitalisation of selected archive materials is just as worthwhile for a smaller craft business as for a larger company! Not only to safeguard the old originals, but also for public relations. The company's history becomes a quality feature of a product or service.

History marketing enables you to connect with your customers on an emotional level and achieve sustainable customer retention. Who does not cherish their memories of their first car or what the local bakery used to look like? With digitalised archive materials you can pursue precise advertising strategies, appeal to new customers and highlight your company's added value. Your experience and company tradition speaks volumes about what you stand for today and in the future.


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Prices for digitalisation

The price for digitalisation depends on the size, format and number. Please contact us! 

An introduction to digitalisation

We have put together an introduction to digitalising documents for you, which offers you an insight into the process and gives some helpful tips. Find out more...