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You are interested in finding out more about your ancestors but do not know the best way to go about researching your family? You want to pass on your old family documents to younger generations and are looking for a long-term and simple archiving method?

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  • Researching ancesterors
  • Contacting the respective archives
  • Compiling a family tree
  • Producing a family chronicle
  • Archiving (pre-death) estates
  • Cataloguing your collection
  • Transcription of field post letters, cookery books, etc.


Genealogy and family trees

Many families know nothing more about their family history than the names of their grandparents or great-grandparents. In other cases people may only know the town or city from where one branch of the family originated.

Would you like to know more about your ancestors? We search for relevant documents and provide them to you in a clear fashion. In our experience it is often possible to discover long forgotten family ties that sometimes stretch back several hundred years and shed a completely new and exciting light on one's own history.

Cousins, great uncles and great aunts: it is not always easy to retain an overview of a family and at a family celebration to know who is related to whom, particularly as nowadays it is not uncommon for families to span vast distances. In a graphical overview, a family tree or table, we put your family onto paper; with all descendants, only the ancestors, or a combination of descendants and ancestors.

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Family archive

You and your family have amassed files, notes, photos, slides and other documents? During careful recording, your documents are professionally prepared for long-term storage in acid-free containers and are indexed or digitalised.

The result is a register listing and describing all of the documents in your collection.






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Family chronicle

Interest in one's own ancestors, in relatives' histories and grandparents' memoirs has been increasing more and more in recent years. Who were your ancestors and how did they live? Many events are known, but the details are increasingly lost.

Out of the collected family documents, photos and memoirs along with other sources such as chronicles, church records and archive documents, we put together a representative and clear overview of your family history.



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Administering (pre-death) estates

When dealing with estates, many families suddenly find themselves faced with piles of papers, photos and documents. Barely legible handwriting, unfamiliar abbreviations and the use of no longer common terms and phrases make reading more difficult. Often everything is thrown into a skip and thus a lot of special, unique and exciting family knowledge is lost forever. How important are such documents - for one's own family and for the community? What should be kept hold of and how? What would be of interest to an archive or museum? We advise you when selecting and sorting your documents. We are also happy to provide short notice advice in the event of a sudden need to administer an estate.

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Whether field post letters, cookery books or diaries, we help you to decipher original documents and convert the texts into line-for-line clean copies. Find out more...

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Prices for family research

We offer a first, non-binding discussion regarding genealogical research or the compilation of a family tree. The following documents are helpful for that: family registers, copies of christening, marriage and death certificates, and other notes and records which provide personal and family details. We agree upon the research aims and cost limits with you. Costs starting at € 250 to € 300 should be expected for basic research.

The results of family research can be displayed in an ancestral or descendant table or in a combination of both (Tiny Tafel). You can decide on your individual preferences, e.g. the inclusion of old photos, maps and emblems which are integrated into the graphics. Simple family tree prints or family tables are available from approx. € 50.

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