Some of your old company documents can no longer be read because they are written in old cursive such as Kurrent or Kanzlei? The company founder left behind a diary but the content is hidden behind the Sütterlin letters and the no longer familiar terms and phrases? You would like to cook dishes from an old, handwritten cookery book but you cannot decipher the recipe? What did your great uncle write in his field post letters that were kept by the family after his death?

Advantages of transcription:

  • Readability of old texts
  • Search for keywords, subjects and contents
  • Use for research purposes
  • Save backup copies
  • Easier transfer options


An introduction to transcription

We professionally and accurately transcribe your texts. Upon completion of the work you receive a line-for-line copy of the original. We also offer a combination of digitalised original text and transcription. With this method the digitalised original is placed on the left hand side of a double page, for instance, and the transcription on the other side. This is particularly interesting if you would like to pass on a cookery book, field post letters or a family diary to other family members.


You can gain an insight into the work processes in our introduction. In addition to helpful tips it also offers brief instructions on dealing with old fonts.  Go to „How to transcribe...”

Transcription prices

The cost of transcription of texts such as a cookery book, a diary, handwritten notes, field post letters and other originals depends on the legibility of the writing, the content, and the language. In order to provide a quote we require either the original or a good scan of it.

There is also the option of first only transcribing a few individual pages in order to gain a more exact idea of the total time that would be needed. Including editing, costs range between approx. € 7 - 10 per page with approx. 20 lines.

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